We love our comfort food!

Tina, a true Wisconsinite, was born and raised in Fond du Lac WI by sweet parents Norman and Ethel. Mama from Copenhagen, Denmark and daddy from Milwaukee WI made childhood an eclectic journey of mixed traditions and fabulous foods. Tina has had a love of cooking her entire life, with a second passion in driving (she obtained and maintains her CDL for 25 years). Combining her love of food, driving, and Wisconsin made for a natural pairing: truck driving while serving wonderful Wisconsin dairy/food products.

But one element was missing, and that’s where Katherine comes into the picture. Katherine was raised in Appleton WI, with a brief hiatus (of 20 years) of living in Anchorage Alaska, where her 3 children were born. Katherine is a MOM, through and though! Who doesn’t have a great memory of Mom serving you a childhood favorite food with the care and love that comes with a home cooked meal. Katherine serves every meal with that love, and you will always hear a “thank you Sweetheart” or “have a good day Honey” with every meal that leaves our truck. Our motto for our truck is that every meal is served with curbside comfort.

We look forward to introducing you to some of the wonderful products our great state has to offer, all brought to you by two moms that love to share there stories and food.


Tina Tonn

Well where to begin, I combined my three greatest passions: cooking (yes I run the grill during the day), driving (I’ve been a professional driver for almost 23 years), and being with the love of my life Katherine, in ever endure in day to day life. I also play on the computer, update Facebook and Twitter, and let me tell ya with being self taught on the computer, no one is happier than me when it actually works out. Oh and I pay for the stuff the Big Cheese wants to buy.


Katherine Tonn

The one thing I knew from childhood was that I wanted to be a “mom”, for someone who has always has a passion for food….me and food go way back, we love each other. I love trying new recipes and bringing happiness to others by making good food, and serving every meal as if they were for my own family. My tag line for our truck is every meal is served with curb side comfort.