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This just about sums it up 😷 We'll try again tomorrow with limited hours from 8-2 ..... but no promises ... See MoreSee Less

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Becki Mather-SmithI had pneumonia in January. It's no joke & took me 2 months to fully recover. Take it easy, drink your water, get albuterol to help w/ secretions & feel better!! It's awful!2 days ago
Charlotte Firth WalshRest up and take care of yourselves! Your fan base will be there for you always! #smallbusiness2 days ago
Betty HooverOh my hope you feel better soon, both of you take care of yourselves and get plenty of rest!!!!2 days ago
Jillian GillhamYour health......both of you....is way more important. Get some rest and take care of yourselves. Love you both xoxoxox2 days ago
Geoffrey CooperDo y'all want me to come to the restaurant and help cook ???2 days ago
Jennifer ClarkI hope that you both start feeling better soon!2 days ago
Cheryl Riebow PrintzFeel better. Tough year for bugs.2 days ago
Lisa WolfFeel better!11 hours ago
Linda JohannesGet better soon, love to both!2 days ago
Shelley Ruen ZierlerFeel better soon Katherine!2 days ago
Yvonne ScisneyPraying for a speedy recovery.2 days ago
Patrick KirchnerGet well soon Katherine!2 days ago
Jo ThamesI hope she feels better soon! Take care!2 days ago
Katie 'Bomberg' ZapfelGet well soon!2 days ago
Eileen Walsh GrzeniaHope you're feeling "gouda" soon! 🙃1 day ago
John ZiccoGet well soon!2 days ago
Jeannie LinskiLet me know if yall need anything2 days ago
Lyn Grennier Gottlieb😟😟2 days ago
Elizabeth Schroeder FitzsimmonsSending healing vibes! Feel better soon!2 days ago

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Now some of you may know that I was out all last week with what started as a chest cold , that ended up being bronchitis 🤒 In 5 1/2 years of having this business , this was the first time I couldn't do my job ( well I thought I could .... Katherine said different ) , but you that know me know I like to share ... and share I did , poor Katherine went to the Dr yesterday and found out we just caught her from having to get admitted for pneumonia!! We got some great mess from our Dr and we are on the mend , but this week we will be closing everyday at 4 , we just need a lil more rest ( so our Dr said ) , thank you all for understand, and hopefully next week we'll be back to our old selves 😘😎 ... See MoreSee Less

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The Gouda GirlsThank you sweetheart!5 days ago
Amy J WallaceBoo...I hope you both are feeling better soon!5 days ago   ·  1
Michael RetzlaffFeel better!5 days ago   ·  2
Yvonne ScisneyGet well soon. I miss you ladies on the naval base.5 days ago   ·  1
Cindy LopezAww do I need to bring chips and guacamole to the house lol feel better ❤️4 days ago
Jennifer ClarkOh no, I hope that you both feel better soon! Sending hugs!!!5 days ago
Cass WellmanYes. You do need to rest and get better. 3 years ago I caught bronchitis and pneumonia at the same time and it put me in the hospital for 18 days. Horrible. Rest up and get well. We need you ❤5 days ago
Julia JourdanWarm wishes and prayers! You guys do so much I don't know how you keep going. Your bodies are forcing you to rest alittle.5 days ago
Irena TonnOh my Lil sisters so sorry. I hope you both feel better soon. Love you very much. 😙😙😙😙😙😙5 days ago
Andrew SwoffordHope you feel better asap.5 days ago   ·  1
Chris Hough McCoyFeel better!! Let me know if we can help !!!5 days ago
Grys Enriquez5 days ago
Sharon ConradTake care of yourselves you sweethearts.5 days ago
David LauSmart move. ..health and happiness first!5 days ago
Jill Ann Le ClaireFeel better!5 days ago
Mike BateGet well soon ladies!5 days ago
Brett KellFeel better soon!5 days ago
Julie BrellenthinHope you both feel better soon.5 days ago
Kaylee NelsonFeel better soon ladies. Love you ❤️❤️❤️5 days ago
Jillian GillhamOh my goodness.......get well soon my lovlies! xoxoxoxoxox5 days ago
Emily HeckFeel better, both of you! Lots of rest!5 days ago

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The Gouda GirlsSOLD OUT !!!! Thank you to everyone that stopped out to see us !!! We can't wait for the weather to get warmer and hit the streets again !!! We LOVE our Gouda Girl Groupies ❤️1 week ago

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Let the St Patty's festivities continue !!!! We're in Tosa for the Lucky Leprechaun run we're serving till 1 , our menu today ..
PBR Mac n Cheese w/ Brats
Ruben Mac n Cheese
Creamy Original
And our Fan Favorite sandwich menu :
The Triple
3/4 size WI Cheesesteak

But don't forget Deanna is holding down the restaurant, stop by either location 😁
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Denise RatzlaffYumm gouda girls mac and cheese1 week ago   ·  1
Tiffany BlowersHunter- I'm going!! 😋1 week ago   ·  1
Tiffany BlowersChihuahuas ❤ The Gouda Girls!1 week ago
Raquel MercierAw dang. Won't make it in time before 1. Next weekend?1 week ago
Michael WojcikTop of the morning to ya!1 week ago

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One must stop down and enjoy all of the wonderful homemade items Katherine has whipped up for today !!! via ripl.com ... See MoreSee Less

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Lori HolzRuben Mac N Cheese???? That I need to have! Sounds yummy.1 week ago
Julie BrellenthinLooks delicious!1 week ago
Judie LiebensteinSaturday too?1 week ago

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Call us crazy, but we love serving you so much that we even book events through the harsh Milwaukee winter! After all, what's a better way to warm up than with grilled cheese and tomato soup? Find out where we are week to week by checking out our calendar.



Everything from classic grilled cheese and tomato soup, to a gut-busting Wisconsin-style cheesesteak! We even serve a few award-winners of our own creation.



We'd love to cater it! We've done everything from small luncheons to huge weddings, all across Wisconsin! Just contact us and we'll try to find a way to make it work!